A Woman's Questions about Freemasonry

Are you a Masonic wife, girlfriend, mother or significant-other?

Do you have questions about Freemasonry, such as:

  • Why won't he share Masonic secrets with me?
  • What really goes on in the closed lodge room?
  • Why was he given a white lambskin apron? And what is it actual purpose?
  • Did he really have to ride a goat?
  • Why did he want me to buy his Masonic ring?
  • Is this ritual evil or what?
  • What is this “ Kuba Kuba  meeting he always talks about?  (Sorry, no questions about “ Kuba Kuba  will be answered.  Those answers fall under the restriction of one of the strict Masonic blood oaths) :-).

Or, are you a Freemason or prospect looking for answers for your lady?

Do you have a question that your lady has asked or is currently asking about Masonry that you are not sure how to answer?

Masonry has many facets, some of which can be a little difficult to explain, so it is only natural that your Lady may have questions about this new interest of yours…..Masonry.

This is the place to ask them……your question will be review by our Masonic Education committee and you will receive your answer directly to your email address.  Your privacy will be respected and you will not be spammed in any way.

Just use the Contact Form page and put “ Questions for Ladies” in the subject line.