“….Masonry is not a charity, however Freemasons are charitable men."


Jessica Dimalanta….

Is the 19-year-old granddaughter of Rizal “ Zaldy” Damazo who encountered a vicious attack involving gunfire this past weekend in San Francisco.  She was a victim of a hate crime by multiple shooters. While at a stop, a dark sedan pulled up, and three men exited their vehicle and started shooting.  Jessica, unfortunately, was hit in the face; the bullet went straight through her right eye and exited near her ear.  While doctors were able to remove the shell,  fragments still are embedded in her face, and she is unable to chew and speak without pain.  She is now permanently impaired.  While she is in the hospital slowly recovering, police are still investigating and trying to find justice for her. 

Zaldy was our the former Inspector  (Masonic District No. 526) until he resigned in 2020 due to health reasons.  The truth is we all believe he was probably sick of dealing with the Green Dragons.

….our Faith may be lost in sight, Hope ends in fruition, but Charity extends beyond the grave, through the boundless realm of eternity…."