Healthy Food Experience for Kids

Healthy Food Experience for Children Mobile Teaching Kitchen is a Green Dragon suported Program.  

Donations allow the program to be extended to our Masonic Youth Groups and  other community outreach organizations that service children. 


Healthy Food Experience for Kids is a classroom education course. Teaching basic culinary skills to promote self-reliance, safety and sanitation, cooking concepts, and guided information for healthy nutrition.

Students will follow recipes and cut, chop, slice, sauté, fry, and bake, and roast meals. Students will taste and sample foods prepared within the classroom. Leftover foods will be packaged and given to the students to take home to share with others to promote accomplishment.

Program director Bruce Tisler is a graduate of California Culinary Academy (CCA) 625 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94102. He has 15 years of professional cooking experience and is ServSafe® Manager certified.

This program is specifically designed to be portable. This program will mainly focus on serving children with disabilities, transitional aged youth and displaced young adults. The classroom will be set-up each session and broken-down after each session. The equipment used for classroom will then be stored in a 6' x 12' enclosed cargo trailer.

Perishable foods will be purchased day of or day before and stored at the respective locations for each session with proper refrigeration and dry storage.

Each classroom location has hand-washing, refrigeration, hot and cold water, ware-washing, and are inspected by respective agencies for health and safety.  Any Masonic Lodge that either has or has access to an Health Department inspected kitchen that is interested in this program please feel free to use the  Contact Page for your questions. 

Prospective classroom locations:

Location 1: The Society for Disabled Children 1819 Brundage Ln. Bakersfield Ca. 93304

Location 2: Kern River Valley Masonic Lodge #827 562 James Rd, Kernville, CA 93238

Location 3: Indian Wells Valley Masonic Lodge #684 625 N Norma St, Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Location 4: Taft Midway Lodge No. 426 521 North St, Taft, CA 93268


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