Lodge Meetings and Degrees

California Masonic Code

§808.010. VISITATION.

"A Mason’s attendance at a meeting of a Lodge other than his own is not a right but a privilege. A Master Mason in good standing may request permission to attend which the Master or presiding officer of the Lodge may grant or refuse.….Before admitting a visitor, the Master or presiding officer of the Lodge visited shall satisfy himself that each visitor is a Mason and that each visiting Master Mason has in his possession written evidence under the seal of his Lodge showing that he is in good standing. A visitor shall prove that he is a Mason by an examination or avouchment.

A record of visitors shall be maintained by each Lodge on forms prescribed by Grand Lodge.

All Freemasons contemplating visiting a Green Dragon tiled meeting please carefully read the following. 

While not stated in the California Masonic Code, California ritual states that for a Master Mason to be allowed to travel he is required to have returned his third degree proficiency.  Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts are required to have the permission of their lodge master to be a guest at our tiled meetings. (See §804.860.)  All guests desiring to visit our lodge are requested to have their secretary make that request to our secretary thirty days in advance.  If your request is granted please be prepared to bring your own apron, dues card to show that you are in good standing and your travel card showing that you have returned your Third Degree Proficiency.  If you have any questions concerning this policy please contact the lodge secretary by email.

The Master may ask visitors to retire at any time and should do so when controversial, delicate or sensitive matters as well as lodge business is under discussion.


It is the duty of every Mason to maintain the confidentiality of Lodge transactions. No proceeding of the Lodge not proper to be made public shall be disclosed, either directly or indirectly, to any person not otherwise entitled to the same….

Fellowship events are held on a regular basis and are open to all Freemasons and friends of Freemasons.  If you wish to receive information on future fellowship events please contact the secretary or assistant secretary to be added to the email list.

For additional information:

Lodge Secretary Charles Malear



Assistant Secretary Gary Jackson



Assistant Secretary “Chef” Bruce Tisler



any Green Dragon member.