Our guiding principals

The Twenty-four Inch Gauge

In the First Degree of Masonry a mason is taught to divide his time; a time for the service of his God and his Brothers, a time for his occupation and family and a time for Fellowship.  We are also taught that Masonry comes after a man’s obligation to his family and occupation.   We understand today’s pressures of providing for one’s family and their emotional needs.   Therefore, we plan to meet only twice a month on a regular basis; one Stated Meeting to conduct the necessary business and Degrees and a second Fellowship night.  Our Fellowship nights may consist of an Agape at a local restaurant with discussions of like interests.  Officers and degree teams may meet more often, however they are free to schedule for their own needs.

The present looking towards the future…..

Masons and non-masons alike, who believe that we represent a Lodge that they would be interested in belonging to are encouraged to use the “Contact Form” or email your contact information to gd.freemasons@icloud.com for more information.  

One of the many problems that contemporary lodges struggle with is to retain their new members, especially as active members.  Our solution is to invite prospective applicants to attend  Fellowship metings and events for a extended period of time.  This would provid the applicant and the lodge brethren the opportunity to get to know each other before the application and balloting process is started.  To quote the brothers of another new lodge; “….one of the fraternity’s most enduring aspects: Brotherly love, relief and truth are best fostered and felt among lodge brothers who are also friends….”