Historic Union Cemetery Project April 2018

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This Masonic monument, erected in 1952, was in need of  maintenance.   It was evident that the caulking on the lid as well as the vertical side sections needed to be replaced.  The Green Dragons contacted the cemetery management and received permission to make the repairs. 

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Green Dragon Brother David West 

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Ruben Soto and Steve Hubble installing the structural supports.

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Randy providing the necessary supervision.

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Cotton using the Master’s tool to make sure everything is square and in line. 

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The necessary repairs, as well as additional structural supports, were made by Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship  and San Joaquin No. 11 Prince Hall members.  A Time Capsule with items from both lodges was placed in the monument by Green Dragon Master David Patrick and San Joaquin Master Donte Williams  before the lid was replace and resealed. 

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A morning well spent and a job well done with the help of our Prince Hall Brothers from San Joaquin No. 11.  (the Prince Hall Masons, with the exception of  PH Rubin on the far left, are the well dressed handsome Brothers.)